How to Become a Corporate Event Manager

Event Management is a massively growing industry currently in our country and the world, and it’s only going to increase as technology and population continue to grow. If you’re brainstorming ideas and are considering becoming an Event Manager, you should¬†research¬†your potential in this field first.

It can be complicated to organize a large corporate event. One has to be very organized, disciplined, able to delegate and a strong leader to succeed. There are many contractors, vendors, and consumers to consider and tend to – and substantial money at stake.

If you’re curious about the revenue of Event Managers, it will depend on their qualifications, education, and experience as well as the corporate contacts they have. One thing you may consider is becoming an entrepreneur yourself after you’ve gained some work experience. This way, you understand experientially how what it is like on both sides of the table. There’s no doubt you’d be worth more with your experience. But generally, you can expect to make $66k-85k as an average event manager. If, however, you are savvy and a perfect match for this type of work, the sky’s the limit as you’ll invariably meet some wealthy business people along the way and come across exciting opportunities to make more.

What the job entails
An Event Manager career often demands lots of energy, flexibility, ambition as well as good communication, diplomatic and excellent Public Relation skills. You need the ability to stay focused with a keen eye for detail. Certainly, you need to be a life-long learner always looking to improve your marketing skills, organizational and technical skills while keeping abreast of the market and its continuous changes.

Anyone is welcome to organize non-corporate events without the need for qualifications or certificates so long as you are savvy and have the leadership skills to do so. However, if you’re interested in organizing cooperate events as a life career, you will need some background skills and education to qualify for a decent paying and stable job that allows lots of room to grow.

Typically those who choose this career path opt for getting a degree in hospitality or event management, tourism and or business administration. These events are critical for the vibrancy of any successful company as they are prime conditions for networking and selling a company’s products or promoting their brand and reputation. If you have a few years of solid marketing and sales experience and fit the role well for a particular label and company, you may get your foot in the door and fast-track it to a high-paying career. Of course, this would be ideal.

More often than not, however, you will follow the traditional path of entering into the field by applying to an event management company once you’ve earned your degree. You may even be able to intern while still in school or get in as an apprentice if you find the right business. This option is advantageous because you’re able to gain experience as you continue your studies.

What to expect on the Job
What you can expect is a lot of hard work. This career can be rewarding as you may get to travel extensively and meet fascinating and ambitious people. But, it’s not without its price tag. At times, you’ll have to work in the hot sun or work away from home for months as there is not a fixed, set schedule in this line of work. You will be unable to benefit from stability in any form, and your stress levels can be high until you learn to balance yourself during fast-paced stints of set up and break down. Additionally, you will be on your feet most of the day. You’d be wise to enter into this physically fit.

To do well in this field, you should be an extrovert and go-getter with a vision to be an entrepreneur at some level and have an eye for advancement.

So, if you’re cut out for this speedy lifestyle, it will be a rewarding challenge. But, if you’re the type who enjoys a cup of tea and a good book by the fireplace along with your lap-cat, this may not be the job for you.