5 Tips for Giving a Successful Product Demo

A great product demonstration is one of the most powerful ways of marketing. When you learn how to do it well, you can always count on selling your products on the spot. One reason for this is the customer’s ability to touch and see the product as well as how to use it properly.

There are a few guidelines we’ll share with you to help you achieve a successful demonstration for your business product.

1. Make your demo custom to the buyer
Every prospective buyer is unique and therefore your demonstration should be adjusted to their particular needs. You will often have appointments for your demos at various companies. Do your homework and find out what the company provides, and the types of jobs that are filled there. Do they have websites, blogs, press releases or interviews online? All of the above will help you shape your demo to their unique need. You can alter the demonstration if necessary, based on the team who will be viewing it.

2. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes
You will put your viewers to sleep if you explain each function of whatever product are demonstrating. Showing off each button, or gadget and rambling will be useless. It’s better to produce a scenario based on a typical day in the life of their business workers and explain to them how the product you will show them will solve their particular needs on any given day. Again, to do this, you will need to study their business and find out where they lack so you can present a solution.

3. Practice your demo
Successful demonstrations require a lot of practice because there are so many things you need to pay attention to simultaneously. You need to be able to correctly demonstrate your product, while at the same time discern their questions and responses relating to how you are presenting your product. Additionally, you’ll have to keep within a time frame and be excitedly engaged in what your selling. This will take a lot of rehearsing initially. But with practice, you’ll eventually only need to tweak according to the needs of the client. Don’t think that you’re so clever, that you can pull off a spontaneous demonstration and receive adulation and new sales; it’s just not reality no matter who you are.

4. Make sure you test your product.
It’s imperative that as you practice your presentation, that the mechanics of your product work seamlessly. There’s nothing more incompetent and off-putting than arriving with your product and preparing to boast of its great features only to find that it doesn’t work. It’s nearly impossible to recover from such a disaster and the chances of procuring another time slot to give your sales push another chance is next to nothing. So test your product, and save your sales job.

5. Sell your product. Now.
Never leave a sales demo without taking an aggressive shot at selling your product on the spot. Take the lead by speaking to the manager or team leaders, answering their questions and giving them opportunities to try the product themselves. If you make no attempt to sell on that day, then you have lost your opportunity to sell at all since very often, as soon as people leave they are faced with other pressing responsibilities and needs of the moment.

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